Different room styles offered by conference centres in the Gold Coast

Preparing and organising a conference on the Gold Coast becomes successful when you know the different room styles offered by conference centres, Gold Coast. Choosing the right conference room style depends on what you want to achieve with your conference.

Personal interaction, passive learning, and group discussions are the factors to consider when planning your conference. Choosing the right room style readily achieves the goal and purpose of the meeting or conference.

While there are many room style options provided by conference centres on the Gold Coast, the most common layouts include:

Banquet room layout

The right visual pops in your head when you hear or say the “banquet” word. And you will be right because the style of the conference room is open, large, and built around multiple round tables. The tables may either have eight chairs around them or serve as standing places. The purpose of the conference or meeting determines the choice of a banquet room layout.

If the meeting or conference includes serving refreshments or lunch, the banquet room style is the best option. It is also a great room option when you want to create a networking ambiance among the attendees.

Auditorium room layout

The auditorium room layout is the most popular choice for traditional conferences. Its theatre style works best for conferences with invited speakers with audiences seated in rows of chairs facing the stage. A conference that uses audio-visual presentations or one-man speaker needs this kind of room layout.

The auditorium style is primarily aimed at passive learning conferences. The topics are presented by the various speakers with some entertaining audience questions after.

Boardroom room layout

The traditional setup of the boardroom room style is, perhaps, the most familiar sight for many people. Many movies featuring boardroom meetings use the boardroom room layout. Just like in the movies, a central table where executives gather to discuss is the layout of this room.

The boardroom style may feature one big oval or rectangular table or multiple tables surrounded by chairs. Video conferences or meetings that are focused on a particular agenda will find the boardroom style room a perfect fit.

Meetings involving shorter open-discussion sessions will find this room style appropriate. The room style makes it worthwhile for people who want close proximity to each other as they discuss important matters.

Classroom room layout

A classroom room layout mimics a typical classroom setting. The combination of several tables and chairs placed in rows facing one speaker is the usual setup. The tables allow the audience to perform tasks like taking down notes, etc.

Meetings that encourage audience participation will find the ideal setup with the classroom room style. The room is also ideal for conferences that encourage audience interaction with props or with their neighbours.

U-shape room layout

Aptly named, the multiple rectangular tables positioned end to end to form a “U” shape is what the u-shape room layout is all about. The chairs positioned on the outer sides of the table make it ideal to use for training sessions, presentations, and video conferences. This seating also allows attendees an easier way of taking down notes during the presentation.

This type of room setup is very versatile especially when the speaker wants to interact with the audience during presentations.

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